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Hi Cathal,Love the website. Keep up the good work. Angela

Angela McDonnell Iran | May 17, 2005

Bonjour , J'aime beaucoup votre peinture?vos paysages sont d'une grande douceur et portent à rêver.Félicitations.(que pensez-vous de mes aquarelles? )

Irene Streichert Hoffart France | May 9, 2005

great having a famous artist in the family. love the work. best of luck for 2005

Mike and Spain | May 1, 2005

Dear Cathal, My Auntie, Patricia King and I are enjoying your website from Boston. We will be sure to visit when we are in Connemara! All the best, Andrea Flynn

Patricia King United States | Mar 12, 2005

Excellent work Cathal. Keep it up and best wishes for 2005.

Tom Delappe | Mar 2, 2005

Superb work Cathal. Well done

Mary Doyle Ireland | Feb 14, 2005

What a wonderful works of art. Congratulations and more power!

Gary Gabriel Philippines | Feb 1, 2005

congratulations...looks like you are in business...All the best in 05 ...!!!Slante...

leo mccarthy United States | Dec 25, 2004
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